Slack Enterprise Connector

Discoversync is an Azure application that connects to Slack Enterprise and automatically pulls a copy of all your users data into Office 365's secure compliance area.

Once configured, your eDiscovery administrators and compliance team can then use Microsoft's Security and Compliance center to perform content searches and eDiscovery across all Office 365 data as well as Slack data in a single action.

As Discoversync runs in your own Azure environment, and stores data in your Office 365 tenant, you are in control of your employee and customer data at all times making GDPR compliance a breeze.

  • No need for Yet Another eDiscovery storage system
  • Runs in your Azure environment so employee and customer data never leaves your network
  • Store 3rd party data for free in Office 365
  • Your eDiscovery and Compliance team doesn't need to learn any new tools or processes